Juno Jones

Juno's Super-Excellent Tips for 
Finding A Book You'll Really Love


Are you a kid WHO DOESN'T LIKE READING? Don’t worry, I know that reading is BORING. But never fear! I, JUNO JONESam here to save you from all the boring books. I am going to share with you my very special tips for finding just the right, not-at-all boring book for YOU! 

1. READ MY BOOK! It’s the awesomest book out there for KIDS WHO TOTALLY DON’T LIKE READING. Why, you might ask? Because I wrote it, of course! 

2. THINK ABOUT what you are interested in. Is it soccer? There are a bunch of books about soccer. Is it singing? SO MANY BOOKS about being a pop star (like Smelly Bella’s favourite JASON BRIGHSTAR), or being in a band. If it’s unicorns, there are seventy bazillion books about those (not so many books about ninja unicorns but I’m working on that). 

There is, basically, a book about anything and everything you could possibly wish to read about, if you look hard enough. Except, maybe, about crocheting Swedish yeti twins on holiday in Brazil. If that is what you would LOVE to read about, YOU SHOULD COMPLETELY WRITE THAT BOOK! 

3. GO TO your school library, public library or local bookshop. ASK THE LIBRARIAN OR BOOK EXPERT for recommendations. It is their job to know all the very best books and it MAKES THEM HAPPY when you ask them. They might also give you a free bookmark or something, if you smile at them nicely. 

4. ASK YOUR FRIENDS what they love to read! Chances are, they also have a BUNCH OF GREAT TIPS and they probably like a lot of the same sorts of things you like. That’s why you’re friends, right? 

5. DON'T ASK your Great Aunt Myrtle. She only likes reading books about cardigans, boiled sweets and ‘that nice young fellow off the telly’. 

6. KEEP TRYING, even if you don’t find a book you LOVE right away. If you really don’t like a book, you can totally stop reading it and try a new one! 


6. Last of all, DON'T FORGET! My next book is out really soon and I promise you’re going to LOVE IT, so keep your eyes open.

Juno Jones :)